Fact sheet and information regarding digital registration on entry

Regulations for entering Germany in connection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 and hints for persons from risk areas in multiple languages

To ease the strain on the public health offices and support existing procedures to monitor people required to quarantine, the Federal Government has developed the Digital Registration on Entry procedure, replacing the former paper-based registration and processing. Effective immediately, persons entering the Federal Republic of Germany, who spent time in a risk area within the 10 days prior to entry, are required to complete a digital registration on entry.

Safety warning

Fraudulent websites offering entry registration are currently in circulation. The operators of these websites pretend to conduct digital entry registrations for travellers and transmit data to the authorities. They demand a fee for these services.  

Please use only the website www.einreiseanmeldung.de for your digital entry registration. The app is free of charge. Only evidence of a digital entry registration generated by this website will be accepted during checks.

After filling in all of the necessary information on the www.einreiseanmeldung.de homepage, you will receive a PDF file as confirmation. The following groups of persons are not required to conduct digital registration on entry:

  • Persons who were solely passing through a risk area without stopping over,

  • Persons who are only in transit through and leaving the Federal Republic of Germany as quickly as possible to finish their transit journey,

  • Persons who, in the context of border traffic, spent less than 24 hours in a risk area or who will be spending a maximum of 24 hours in the Federal Republic of Germany,

  • With adherence to appropriate safety and hygiene practices, persons transporting people, goods or merchandise by road, rail, ship or plane across borders for the purpose of business,

  • Persons who, as a member of an official delegation, are returning to Germany via the government terminal at Berlin Brandenburg Airport or Cologne/Bonn Airport and have spent less than 72 hours in a risk area.

Please note:

No exceptions apply to persons who, after having stayed in a region designated as involving a particularly high risk of SARS-COV-2 coronavirus spread because of especially high case numbers (high-incidence areas), transport people, goods or merchandise by road, rail, ship or plane across borders for the purposes of business. All of the other above-mentioned exceptions are applicable.

No exceptions apply when returning from stays in a region designated as involving a particularly high risk due to the wide-spread occurrence of distinct SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus variants (areas of variants of concern). This means that you are invariably required to complete a digital registration on entry if you have spent time in an area of variants of concern.

Information on the areas currently designated as areas of variants of concern and high-incidence areas is available from the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

Here you can find the most important frequently asked questions on Digital Registration on Entry (DEA).

Downloads: Fact sheet and substitute registration form in several languages