Grafik: Verschiedene Schilder mit Gesundheitssymbolen (z.B. Krankenbett, Spritze, Tablette, Stethoskop, etc.), die in unterschiedliche Richtungen zeigen. Auf einem Schild steht "Health Care"

Migration and Health

"Migration and Health" is a portal of the Federal Ministry of Health. It is intended for migrants and full-time and volunteer helpers who assist immigrants after their arrival.

Online Health Guide for asylum seekers

The online guide informs asylum seekers about healthcare in Germany and how it is regulated. Furthermore, it provides practical advice to prevent infections and diseases.

Petri dish

Antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is ballooning worldwide. It threatens to wipe out or at least eat away at the major successes achieved in the fight against infectious diseases. 

Photo: handshake of a business woman and a business man

Global Health Policy

Global health issues are closely related to areas such as development, security, trade and travel, the economy, human rights, nutrition, agriculture, research, education, migration, climate protection, as well as humanitarian aid.

International Cooperation

Here you can find additional articles on the topic of cooperation in the field of international health policy.