Global Health Hub Germany

The platform for networking and exchange of non-state actors in Global Health

The Global Health Hub Germany has grown continuously since its launch in February 2019 and counts already over 600 members - and continues to grow. The Federal Ministry of Health has launched the Global Health Hub Germany as a forum in which actors in the field of Global Health can come together and network. By promoting cross-sector and cross-actor exchange, the Hub aims to improve coordination between experts and enable the creation of new partnerships and projects.

Good health does not stop at national borders. This network brings together as many actors in Germany as possible to work together on the various challenges in the field of Global Health. We also want to push the digitalization of health care forward internationally. The large influx of members to the Global Health Hub Germany shows that it is accepted and works.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn

The hub has now over 800 members, including individuals and over 160 organizations from civil society, academia and economy. All members work on Global Health, but have very different backgrounds: belonging, for example, to the areas of education, climate, environment, health or water.

Promoting new partnerships and ideas in the Global Health Hub Germany

The Hub aims to contribute to improved coordination between actors and to facilitate the creation of new partnerships and projects.

To this end, the Hub is developing various formats that promote cooperation between different actors and sectors. One of these formats is the Hub's innovation contest "New ideas for Global Health". Here, cross-actor project teams have come together to develop innovative and intersectoral ideas on current health challenges. The three best ideas will get professional support for the further development and implementation of the idea.

In addition, members of the Hub work together in variouscross-sector and cross-actor working groups on self-chosen issues such as "Implementation of the Global Digital Health Agenda",  "Global Child Health "or "Global Mental Health".

Exchange and Network

Furthermore, the Hub promotes exchange between the different players in global health with diverse event formats: face-to-face events like the annual Global Health Talk or regular webinars, in which members can discuss current topics or present their work.  

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