New Internet Portal „Migration and Health“

2 November 2017. Today, the Federal Ministry of Health is launching the new internet portal ‘Migration and Health’ at

The new online service ‘Migration and Health‘ has been specifically designed for migrants as well as the professionals and volunteers who help them following their arrival in Germany. It will assist the migrants in navigating Germany’s health care system and answers questions they might have regarding their own health and that of their children. This portal is a major contribution to improving the migrants‘ access to health care.

Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe

This portal is the first site to pool the wide array of information resources that are available in several foreign languages. Structured into the four broad topics of ‘Health care system’, ‘Health & Preventive health care’, ‘Long-term care’ as well as ‘Addiction & Drugs’, the publications include, for instance, information about immunisations, important facts about child health, screening and early detection programmes for various conditions, information about hospital care and physician-provided outpatient care as well as brochures on the various forms of substance abuse. In that way, the setup of the portal serves the demand of migrant organisations for information material. With input and support from migrants, the offer will be constantly expanded.

In addition to the German version, the portal will initially be available in Turkish and English. These services will soon be broadened to include Arabic and Russian versions.