Chapter II 
Photo: Doctor with crossing arms in front of her with a med. stethoscope in her hand

Initial medical examination and treatment 

After their arrival in the reception centres, asylum seekers will undergo checks for infectious diseases.

Chapter III 
Photo: an ambulance on the street

Who does what? 

Where to go for medical treatment? What is an emergency and what is the appropriate reaction? Where can you get your medicine?

Chapter IV 
Photo: Vaccination plan


Vaccination provides effective protection from infectious diseases. People who get vaccinated not only protect themselves but also those around them.

Chapter V 
Photo: a sleeping baby


Medical treatment for pregnant women includes regular examinations, prenatal classes, childbearing and follow-up care.

Chapter VI 
Photo: Adolescents at a desk with their netbooks

Children and adolescents 

Different phases of life require that children and adolescents undergo certain examinations. It is vital that you attend all appointments, so that your child can grow up to be healthy.

Chapter VII 
Photo: a drawn pricture with a sneezing child

Protection from diseases 

In reception centres, many people often live in cramped conditions. However, a number of simple measures can prevent infections and the spread of diseases.