Initial examination and medical treatment in reception centres

Initial examination

Important: The initial examination (Erstuntersuchung) serves to detect and treat infectious diseases. This also prevents the spread of infectious diseases.

After you arrive in your reception centre, a doctor will examine you for communicable diseases. This is a mandatory examination required by law, therefore you must take part in it. It is possible that you will also be asked to complete a questionnaire (medical history form) before this examination. The doctor will ask you about symptoms of infectious diseases and will examine you for communicable diseases if necessary.

The result of the initial examination does not affect the processing of your asylum claim!

To enable pulmonary tuberculosis to be excluded, an X-ray photo of the lungs must be made. For children, adolescents under 15 years of age and pregnant women, the X-ray examination
is replaced with another suitable method (e.g. a blood test). Please tell the doctor if you are pregnant!
Additional examinations are carried out in some federal states. For example, the purpose of a blood sample is to exclude infections, and faeces samples are used to detect diarrhoea pathogens and intestinal worm infestations.

Please ensure all examinations are recorded. If you have not yet received a documentation form, you can have examinations recorded in the template provided. (PDF, not accessible, 164 KB)

Medical consultations in reception centres

In some federal states, doctors offer consultations right in the reception centres themselves. Here, health care is provided locally, using a system of specific clinic hours.

Important: Please contact the staff of your reception centre for responsible persons and medical staff in case of emergency!

Relief organisations

Relief organisations (German Red Cross/Red Crescent, Diakonia Christian welfare, the Caritas Association, the ‘Malteser’ relief agency and others) offering medical care may also be present in reception centres. Please enquire whether the relief organisation in your reception centre also offers or makes referrals to medical care.

Last change: 23. February 2016
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