Lessons learned from the Ebola crisis

The Federal Government has drafted a six-point plan in an effort to improve international health crisis response efforts. These key point include the setting up of a detachment of doctors and medical workers that can be flexibly deployed. The Federal Chancellor has unveiled the initiative at the Gavi Pledging Conference.

At its special session on Ebola on 25 January, the WHO Executive Board adopted a relevant resolution that had been sponsored by 63 countries. It reaffirms that the primary aim must be to swiftly end the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and strengthens WHO's leadership role in the global health architecture on emergencies with public health consequences. Moreover, major steps were taken to allow WHO to fulfil its mandate even better and more efficiently. Specifically, this involves structural changes in the following areas: human resources, global health workforce, availability of financial resources and research and development of new medicines. In addition, the Resolution has ushered in an evaluation process that is expected to bring an interim result in time for the World Health Assembly in May 2015.