Federal Health Minister convenes International Advisory Board on Global Health

At the G20 Health Ministers' Meeting held in May, Germany brought global health onto the agenda of international politics. Because the devastating Ebola outbreak in Africa and increasing antibiotic resistance worldwide show that the world is inadequately prepared for international health challenges. The international community must respond to these issues, in particular with regard to combating antibiotic resistance and improving global health crisis management.

With the aim of working out stimuli for the solution of this and other global health policy challenges, Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe has convened a meeting of six high-ranking experts to an "International Advisory Board on Global Health".

Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe with the members of the International Advisory Board (Copyright: BMG/Schinkel)

Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe with the members of the International Advisory Board...

Source: BMG/Schinkel

First meeting of the International Advisory Board in Berlin (Copyright: BMG/Schinkel)

...at their first meeting in Berlin.

Source: BMG/Schinkel

There has been a notable expansion in German support for other states in the event of health crises, and we have also increased our financial contributions to global health considerably. Global health policy has thus become a trademark of our country's international responsibility. As part of the community of states, we will continue to fulfil this responsibility powerfully in the future with our strong healthcare system and our well-trained experts – this is not only an expression of our solidarity with poorer states but is also in our own interest. We will therefore further develop our global health policy strategy. I am pleased that we were able to bring on board six internationally recognised experts, who bring their knowledge and experience to the table in developing this concept.

Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe

The members of the International Advisory Board on Global Health:

  1. Chair: Professor Dr Ilona Kickbusch, Director of the Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva
  2. Professor Dr Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute of Virology Charité
  3. Dr Christopher Elias, President of the Global Development Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  4. Professor Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trusts
  5. Professor Dr Jörg Hacker, President of the German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina  – National Academy of Sciences
  6. Dr Matshidiso Rebecca Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa

The recently founded International Advisory Board will advise the Federal Ministry of Health on the new direction of international health policy strategy. An extensive exchange between all Federal Government departments and representatives of non-governmental organisations, science, the private sector and policy is planned. Germany’s scope of influence in designing this strategy is the focus of the exchange.