The German Genomics Initiative - genomDE

The national genome initiative: genomDE, aims to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases by providing a sufficient scale for accessing genomic data linked to clinical and phenotypic data for new clinically impactful associations in medicine to the benefit of citizens’ health.

Genomic data in combination with clinical data will enable the provision of novel healthcare services and products, which are individualized (personalized medicine). In addition, genomic data contain valuable information for the research and development of personalized drugs.

Rolling out genomics into healthcare will open up opportunities to study the genetic and molecular components of health and disease on an unprecedented scale once ethical and regulatory, technical, societal and security challenges are taken care of.

genomDE  - digital event 30th Nov (source: BMG)

Conference on 11/30/2020: genomDE - National and European initiatives conference

Building genomics: genomDE - National and European initiatives conference, scheduled on 30th November 2020, will be an opportunity for high-level joint reflection on the most relevant national and European initiatives in genomics in the frame of the presentation fo the genomDE initiative to a professional audience for the first time.

Stakeholders across the scientific, healthcare, academic, political and managerial organisations, will be invited to join the debate for genomics and contribute for the establishment of genomDE. The event will also provide a forum for discussion on the challenges and opportunities linked to the implementation and management of genomics, as well as the analysis of the transferability and adaptability of the best practices in genomics to the German Health System.

The Building genomics: genomDE - National and European initiatives conference will be a virtual event and participants will be able to contribute to the discussion online and meet speakers through virtual networking opportunities.