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Information on the Zika virus

Zika virus infections are usually mild. However, the Robert Koch-Institute shares the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Prevention) assessment that there is a link between the virus and babies born with brain malformations.

Online Health Guide for asylum seekers

The online guide informs asylum seekers about healthcare in Germany and how it is regulated. Furthermore, it provides practical advice to prevent infections and diseases.

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Antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is ballooning worldwide. It threatens to wipe out or at least eat away at the major successes achieved in the fight against infectious diseases. 

Containing epidemics

For countries to be able to respond swiftly and effectively to health crises, they need resilient health care systems. Germany's Federal Ministry of Health will lend a hand in setting up robust health care structures.

Strengthening long-term care - campaign picture with two nurses

Strengthening long-term care

In the field of long-term care, the Federal Ministry of Health is responsible for the legislative process: the drawing up and monitoring of bills of law and draft ordinances.

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Chances and Risks of Mobile Health Apps

The objective of the CHARISMHA survey was to identify fields of action for promoting meaningful use of mobile health apps and recommend measures to minimise risks.

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G7 Presidency

The Group of 7 (G7) is an informal forum for the heads of state and government to meet. In 2015, health was among the key issues of Germany's G7 Presidency. 

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Electronic Health Card

After intensive preparation, the statutory health insurance funds commenced with the distribution of the health card.

International Cooperation

Here you can find additional articles on the topic of cooperation in the field of international health policy.