Sabine Dittmar – Parliamentary State Secretary

Portraitfoto Parlamentarische Staatssekretärin Sabine Dittmar

Curriculum vitae

Personal and professional background

  • Born in Schweinfurt on 15 September 1964
  • 1979: Qualifying secondary school-leaving certificate (in Maßbach), 1982: graduation as a state-certified childcare worker, 1985: Abitur (higher education entrance examination) on the second educational pathway (in Schweinfurt)
  • Medical studies at the Julius Maximilian University in Würzburg, 1993: licence to practise; until 1995: training as a general practitioner and from 1995 to July 2010: family doctor in a group practice with her husband (Maßbach)
  • 2008 to 2013: member of the Bavarian Parliament, including membership on the Committee on Environment and Health, consumer policy spokesperson of the SPD group in the Land parliament, deputy member of the committee for the parliamentary monitoring of the energy transition, member of the Council of Elders
  • 2008-2018: member of the Bavarian Health Council
  • Since 2013: member of the German Bundestag
  • 2013-2021: regular member of the Committee on Health and member of the enlarged executive committee
  • 2018-2021: Health spokesperson for the SDP parliamentary group in the Bundestag
  • Since 8 December 2021: Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Health

Political career (honorary work)

  • 1981: joined the SPD
  • 1981 to 1990: secretary and treasurer of the Maßbach local branch,1990 to 2007: chair of the local branch
  • 1981 to 1997: member of the SDP county executive committee in Bad Kissingen, 1997 to 2008 vice-chair, 2008 to 2018: chair of the county chapter, since 2018: associate member
  • Since 1990: member of the Bad Kissingen county council, 1996 to 2005: deputy group chair, 2005 to 2008: group chair
  • 1997 to 2007: deputy chair of the SPD subdistrict branch Rhön-Haßberge, since 2007: associate member
  • From May 2008 to April 2020: member of the Maßbach market town council
  • 2008 to 2012: Member of the Unterfranken region executive committee, since 2012: associate member, since 2016: deputy chair
  • Since 2011 to 2019: associate member of the SPD Land Executive Board, 2016 -2019: member of Bavaria’s SPD Executive Committee
  • 2017-2022: deputy federal chair of the Working Group of Social Democrats in the Health Services (ASG)
Bundesgesundheitsminister Prof. Karl Lauterbach übergibt die Ernennungsurkunde an die Parlamentarische Staatssekretärin Sabine Dittmar
Bundesgesundheitsminister Karl Lauterbach übergibt die Ernennungsurkunde an die Parlamentarische Staatssekretärin Sabine Dittmar

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