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Links to third-party content published on this site have been compiled by the Federal Ministry of Health’s online editorial office conscientiously and with the greatest of care only as a means of providing access to these external sites. In this conjunction, great care was taken to the ensure the reliability of third-party providers as well as the absence of errors and the legitimacy of external websites.

However, since the content of web pages is dynamic and can change at any time, it is not always possible to continuously monitor all of the content of the sites to which links have been established. For this reason, the Federal Ministry of Health expressly refrains from claiming content from third parties to which its website is linked as its own. Liability for any damages resulting from the use or non-use of external websites rests solely with the operator of the website to which a reference was made.

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We are pleased when there is an interest in establishing a link to our website. Our permission can be rescinded at any time and only applies when the following rules are adhered to:

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Publication Rules

In principle, passages from material published by the ministry can be cited in the original wording and in the same thematic context free of charge, provided that the citation is correct and the source is identified. Printing permission does not include all other additional required permits related to the rights of third parties. To the extent necessary, these were only procured for publication by the Federal Ministry of Health.


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The website also includes some licence- free illustrations from the following sources:,,; www.shutterstock.com

Laws and Regulations

The legal information published on this website has been carefully compiled, but does not claim to be fully up to date, free from error or exhaustive. Hence, no assurance of this is provided. Only the most current versions of laws and regulations, as published in the relevant official gazette, will be considered valid and applied.

Last change: 23. October 2023
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