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    Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Here you will find information regarding Covid-19 in Germany - Reliable answers and concrete information on how to protect yourself and help others.

  • Germany’s G7 Presidency 2022

    Here you will find further information and downloads in addition to the focal points of the German G7 Presidency 2022 in the health sector.

  • Impact of Brexit

    For the present, Brexit on 1 February 2020 will not lead to any changes in the area of healthcare. Such are the stipulations of the Withdrawal Agreement. The transition phase will last until the end of 2020.

  • Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the EU

    The joint management of the Corona pandemic and strengthening the capacity to respond to health crises were the priorities of the German EU Council Presidency in the area of health.

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    Shaping Global Health Policy

    The globalisation process has far-reaching influence on health policy issues.

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    European Health Policy

    In the European Union, a Member State's health care system is not just an economic and a locational factor; it also significantly contributes to social peace and the health of all citizens.

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    Forums and Processes

    Germany is engaged in international forums such as the G7 and G20, the UN-system and provides considerable support to public health stakeholders such as WHO.

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    International cooperation

    Germany has internationally recognised formats and platforms in place that deepen and foster cross-sectoral.

  • Patient Safety Summit 2019

    Many questions were discussed at the Patient Safety Global Ministerial Summit in Jeddah: protection of sensitive health data, opportunities of digitalisation and more.

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