The Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA)

Better health for all citizens is the goal of the work of the Federal Centre for Health Education. As the higher authority specialised in promoting health, it develops strategies for health education and preventive health measures together with cooperation partners, which it in turn implements through campaigns and projects. Since a large number of the most prevalent diseases are the result of unhealthy behaviour (e.g., smoking, excessive alcohol consumption as well as overeating and poor nutrition), risks of contracting infectious diseases can also be reduced when the modes of transmission are known, thus increasing the possibilities of protection.

Hence, preventive measures and the promotion of health by means of information, education and motivation to adopt healthy behaviour represent effective ways of preventing the spread of many diseases. AIDS education is one of the central tasks of the Federal Centre. The campaign “Don’t give AIDS a chance”, launched in 1987, is the largest and most comprehensive campaign mounted by the Federal Centre to date. It is, in many respects, a model for a successful national prevention strategy.

Another focus of the Federal Centre’s work is preventing addiction. Under the motto “Make children strong”, it addresses children and adolescents with the intention of promoting their self-confidence, abilities to deal with conflicts and communication skills, thereby making them strong enough not to need to resort to addictive substances when confronted with setbacks and problems later in life. Other innovative activities include the organ donor campaign and the campaign to prevent alcohol abuse, “Alcohol? Know your limit”, which is supported by the Association of German Private Healthcare Insurers.