Lauterbach: Assuming a central role in supplying the people of Ukraine with medicinal products

In order to provide the civilian population of Ukraine with medical care, humanitarian organisations can, with immediate effect, export medicinal products quickly and unbureaucratically. By way of a general administrative act, the Federal Ministry of Health is also facilitating the export of specific medicinal products that fall under the Narcotic Drugs Act without the need to obtain export licences on an individual basis.

07. March 2022

Through a General Administrative Act, the Federal Government has ensured that humanitarian organisations are able to export medicinal products, including narcotic drugs, unbureaucratically to Ukraine. The Federal Ministry of Health is also working with customs and the Polish authorities to get shipments through to Ukraine.

Germany has a very robust healthcare system; we demonstrated this during the coronavirus crisis. The time has come to utilise this strength once again.

Federal Minister of Health Prof. Karl Lauterbach

Ukrainian refugees entering Germany will receive medical care in doctors’ surgeries or hospitals. This also includes testing and vaccination against COVID-19. Anyone infected will receive appropriate accommodation and treatment on-site. Financing of this treatment is determined by the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

In addition, the Federal Government is supporting the voluntary deployment of doctors from Germany to Ukraine through international humanitarian organisations.

The Minister cited the relocation of the seriously ill and war-wounded from Ukraine to Germany's hospitals as the fourth component of Germany’s comprehensive aid structure. Inside Germany, patients will be distributed evenly to the Länder according to the so-called cloverleaf procedure (whereby the country is split into 5 similar-sized regions).


The medical care of Ukrainian refugees was also the subject of a meeting of the health ministers of the Federal Government and the Länder.

Download the joint statement (German) (PDF, accessible, 68 KB)

Last change: 7. March 2022
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