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  • Meldung 30.12.2013

    Operands for the statutory health insurance and the statutory long-term care insurance

    The income threshold pertaining to the statutory health insurance, below which statutory health insurance coverage is mandatory, will rise from 1st January 2014 to 53,550 euros (2013: 52,200 euros). The income threshold for employees who, on 31st December 2002, owing to the fact that they exceeded the income threshold then in force, were free to choose and… read more

  • Meldung 28.03.2014

    German-Chinese Co-operation in the area of Rescue Services reaffirmed

    Background The Björn Steiger Foundation has developed a master plan for the modernisation and further development of China’s rescue services. The aim is to establish an integrated land and air-based rescue system. Alongside Wuhan in the province of Hubei, where a comparable memorandum was signed in December 2013, Jieyang is already the second Chinese city… read more

  • Meldung 05.06.2014

    Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe visits the Teddy Bear Surgery at the Charité.

    Like some 2,500 children so far, Federal Minister Hermann Gröhe also took advantage of the opportunity on 5th June 2014 to accompany the children and their stuffed toys during their visit to the Teddy Bear Surgery. About the Surgery Students of human and dental medicine as well as pharmacy and nursing students invite children of pre-school age to visit… read more

  • Meldung 29.09.2014

    More assistance in combating Ebola

    More assistance in combating Ebola 29 September 2014. The Federal Ministry of Health, the German Red Cross and the German Medical Association are seeking medical personnel to assist in the fight against Ebola. read more

  • Meldung 10.10.2014

    Germany and China agree on Co-operation

    Germany and China agree on Co-operation 10 October 2014. At the invitation of the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Third German-Chinese Government Consultations were held in Berlin from 9-10th October 2014. Federal Minister, Hermann Gröhe, met for bilateral talks with his Chinese counterpart, Minister Li Bin of the National Commission for Health and… read more

  • Meldung 10.12.2014

    Protection against infection in Germany

    Experts all agree that there is no danger to the German population. Germany is nonetheless very well prepared to treat any persons who become infected with Ebola virus disease. The legal basis for the control of infectious diseases is provided by the Protection against Infection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz). At local level, the individual Health Office of… read more

  • Meldung 19.11.2014

    Health topics of the 2015 German G7 Presidency

    On 19th November 2014, the Federal Cabinet adopted the programme for the German G7 presidency. The programme's main areas of emphasis at the level of the health ministers are those of: antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance as well as neglected and poverty-related diseases such as Ebola. Antibiotics are one of the most important instruments for use in treating… read more

  • Meldung 26.02.2015

    Minister meets WHO Director-General

    The Federal Minister of Health and Dr Chan agreed  that joint international collaboration across all sectors is necessary in fighting both the Ebola epidemic and antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics play an important role in medicine. They save lives and have led over time to an increase in life expectancy. A vaccine against polio continues to be necessary so… read more

  • Meldung 03.03.2015

    The Federal Ministry of Health signs the Diversity Charter

    Within the framework of the event, discussions were held by the Parliamentary State Secretary and Minister of State Aydan Özoğuz with actors from the health care system and migrant organisations about how the health and long-term care system needs to adapt in a society which is diversified in terms of language, culture and religion. Ensuring a good supply… read more

  • Meldung 13.03.2015

    Gröhe in the USA for talks about global policy

    Gröhe in the USA for talks about global policy 13 March 2015. Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe visited the US from 9 to 13 March 2015 to discuss international health policy and the joint fight against global health risks.    read more

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