• At the invitation of Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe, the first Meeting of Health Ministers of the Group of Twenty, leading industrialised and emerging economies and the European Union (G20), took place in May 2017.

  • Screenshot of a film screen with a globe and coloruful ribbons flowing towards the viewer

    Pandemic outbreaks are huge challenges for the global community. Therefore, one priority of the German G20 presidency is global health. This is also the topic of the film showing impressions from the G20 Summit.

  • photo: view into the conference room of the G20 summit; participants sitting around a table, a video screen and flags of the country in the background

    The heads of state and government of the G20 underlined their joint final declaration of "Shaping an interconnected world", highlighting the important results of the G20 health ministry meeting in Berlin

  • photo: Hermann Gröhe at his speech in front of the public

    The national Public Health and Veterinary Public Health-Institutes of the G20 countries met for the first time in Berlin. The meeting is a result of the declaration of the G20 health ministers in Berlin in May 2017.

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