The Strategy’s Core Components

In our joint vision, digitalisation in health and care enables healthier and longer lives for all. It also improves the quality of healthcare, making it more efficient.


Digital Together: Germany´s Digitalisation Strategy for Health and Care

Digitalisation is designed to empower citizens to play a more active role in the healthcare and long-term care system by enabling them to act and make decisions in a self-determined, better-informed way. In a digitally-assisted healthcare and long-term care system, patients and their family members should be given the opportunity to play an active, self-determined role in designing the care they are given. They should receive, assess and understand information relative to their personal health and care, and be able to communicate it to healthcare service providers.

The Strategy thus has the following objectives and goals:

  1. Resolute focus on people, patient sovereignty and enthusiasm
  2. Improved quality of care
  3. Greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency

To achieve these objectives and goals, three central action fields have been identified for the digital transformation of health and care:

Last change: 9. March 2023

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