Shaping Global Health Taking Joint Action Embracing Responsibility - The Federal Government’s Strategy Paper

Health is essential in order to be able to lead a fulfilled and happy life. Health is not only a fundamental human right and one of the most valuable possessions any individual can have, it is also an essential prerequisite for social, economic and political development and stability. Health can only be ensured and improved throughout the world through joint global action.

Global health issues are closely related to numerous other fields of policy such as development, security, trade, economics, human rights, food, agriculture, research, employment, education, migration, environmental and climate protection as well as humanitarian aid. Against this background, solutions that reach across individual sectors are needed. Consequently, questions of global health are now no longer just discussed among experts from the field of health within the context of professional organisations responsible for health. The growth in the importance of health issues on an international level has led to a considerable increase in available funds, while, at the same time, the proliferation in the number of government, bi- or multilateral and non-governmental actors has led to a fragmentation of the global health architecture and increased the risk of duplicating activities. In order to contribute to finding solutions to global health challenges, Germany needs to project a clear profile. A concerted and clearly directed approach is required in order to effectively use bilateral and multilateral cooperation on various levels to improve the global health situation.

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